Why ALWAYS is our favorite word

  • Always express

  • Always available

  • Always on time

  • Always quality assured

  • Always traceable

  • Always archived

  • Always reliable

  • Why Adtoox

    What we do

    Adtoox offers a file based delivery service customized for ads and editorial content in TV, radio, cinema, online, mobile and DOOH. We are currently integrated with more than 300 broadcasters and publishers. When you deliver through Adtoox, we secure that each material is logged, encoded, delivered, quality assured, stored and controlled accordingly to all specifications and deadlines.

    1. Always express
      A cheetah running fast

      Digital delivery as it is meant to be. We build state of the art automations and broadcaster integration services. Why wait hours for feedback after upload (I know you do). Try us out instead.

      When uploading your ads through Adtoox we quality assure and make them available to each broadcaster/publisher usually within ten minutes.

    2. Always available

      Do you ever get out of office messages from your current supplier? From us you won´t. Our services never sleep and they just don´t do vacation. Hence, you can rest assure that our distribution service is available 24/7, 365 days of the year.

    3. Always reliable
      arrows in a target

      By focusing on a completely digital and automated workflow, Adtoox have managed to erase all human error margins.

      Being one of the largest suppliers in Europe, Adtoox is currently managing more than 130.000 deliveries (7.000 brands) per year. Not one ad has been delivered late or with errors.

      How´s that for a track record.

    4. Always traceable
      magnification glass

      When using Adtoox you can easily follow the progress of your ad online. Our status bar enables you to track the entire process - from placing your order until the final controls performed by each broadcaster.

      We also provide automatic reminders, notifications and copy chasing services.

    5. Always archived
      a cloud with media devices in it

      When using Adtoox you gain access to your personal media archive online - with each ad automatically tagged towards the proper metadata.

      Play your spots online or download files locally. No extra charge.

    6. Easy to transcode and upload
      computer with arrow over it pointing up

      Only one upload (file) needed, irrespective of the number of broadcasters/publishers used in the campaign.

      We also offer free of charge transcoding software, creating your broadcast file, including slate and black frames, automatically. If you rather use your own software, we can help you setting that up as well.

    7. Verifications centre
      big green check box

      Make sure that you always deliver the right ad by requesting a final approval from your client. Why chance? Your client will thank you.

    8. Copy codes
      silver id tag

      The copy code* is a unique identifier for each ad delivered. Most broadcasters require copy codes to ensure that the proper versions are always delivered, aired and analyzed.

      In most markets you can generate your local copy codes in Adtoox directly (if you haven´t already received them from your client).

      * Copy codes are also known as "clock number", "film ID", "Motiv number" etc.

    9. Streamlined workflows

      Adtoox enables all parties involved* to work and communicate via one platform. However, the party performing the upload can administrate the service by him/herself solely (no access/involvement needed from any other party).

      You decide.

      * Such as advertiser, media agency, ad agency, production company and post house.

    10. Free of charge support
      blond girl with headset

      We love to help and take great care of our users. Don´t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.

      We offer guidance from technical experts as well as traditional user support.

      Local language available.